Hello dear ones,


It has been a while since the last news I shared.

So much life happened, so much beauty, so many challenges, gross or subtle, to be acknowledged, to be lived through, acted upon until realizing the gift always offered,


to simply ... Be. The Master key: Trust.


Qigong allows for a deepening of the presence to what is, the presence to an enlarged sense of being, heaven and earth as one. My path has brought me to an enlargement, a new depth of the Art that I discover with gratitude.

After a winter spent at home on the wild coast of south west Portugal, I am delighted to announce my next moves in the world to share the Art.


Coming to Copenhagen is beloved to my heart;

Phendeling, the Tibetan Center hosting the course, a privilege; early June, optimum timing season wise.



Level 1. June 2-3 and Level 2. June 9-10





And then, the blessing continues in Bingen, Germany, home of the great Christian mystic Hildegard von Bingen. Beautifully hosted by Julia's Sports Center in M√ľnster-Sarmsheim. 



Level 1. June 16-17





During both of these courses, I will share not only the Shaolin Cosmos Qigong that has been so precious to me for almost 20 years, but also a deeper perspective on the HEALING WISDOM of Qigong put into fundamental practice.


After a few months of quietly taking care of just Being back home, Swaha and I are delighted to announce that we cannot help but organizing another retreat in Dunagiri, in the Indian Himalayas.


It is simply irresistible!


It will be the 4th time and every event so far has been of a beauty beyond description.


In this retreat, we will reveal ourselves as union between heaven and earth, the  combination of the pure energy of the place and the enhanced practice makes wonders.



Dunagiri. October 4-14





You are most welcome to any of these opportunities.


I will not come to the US this fall.


I strongly feel the urge to spend an extended period of time in India after the retreat. That will be a private time, dedicated to Self.


My so dear friends, old timers and new comers to the Art, I look forward to see you at one of these events.


Remember, time passes swiftly, and the time that you dedicate to yourself is invaluable.


It is a meeting with the universe, inner and outer. Do not postpone!


“Come, come, yet again come. Our caravan is not a caravan of despair”. Rumi


With a warm smile of the Heart.


Pragata and Swaha



Please CONTACT Swaha for questions or sign up, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it