My dear friends,



“Life is not a problem to be solved

 It is a mystery to to be lived”






As some of you may know, I am just ending a 7months sabbatical time in India, in very sacred and powerful places.


I have had a lot of life to live, and experience, and learn, and unlearn, and respond to a variety of intense circumstances from a place  within that is simply quiet and at peace.


I have experienced an abundance of magnificent Qigong moments, and Qigong has definitely allowed me to live this adventurous nomadic life, normally very tough on the body in India, in the most beautifully responsive way, perfectly equipped to face circumstances, whatever they are.


During this time, Life has treated me with new openings into Qigong that definitely takes the one who practices into yet another dimension of the Art of Energy.


Opening the Heavenly Gate, opening the Earth Gate and opening the Human Gate, connecting with  the Oneness of Life Energy in its infinite manifestation, one enters into the Mystery and abides there consciously.


So much is possible there... Infinite in reality.


“ Life is not a problem to be solved,,It is a mystery to be lived”, says Osho. As some of you may remember, Osho has been my first Master in India, and I have to agree 100% with his declaration.


“If you are in love with Mystery, really in love with the all compassionate Mystery, then she will reveal to you the Mystery and you will be this Mystery. Mystery and Beauty and Peace and Love are all the same thing.”



I am ready and willing to share these open secrets that unlock the gates of perception and consciousness.


Newcomers to the Art of Qigong are most welcome.

They will be immensely benefited.

Old timers will simply rejoice in practicing new forms and discovering a new dimension of Qigong and aliveness.


I will be teaching in Danmark in June and in the US from mid October to the beginning of November.


Check also the US PROGRAM for updates.


With a warm smile of the Heart.


Pragata and Swaha



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